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Thinking about protecting your classic tractor?

Protecting your restoration should be your ultimate goal. Custom fit premium tractor covers from My Classic Tractor will provide the ultimate protection for your classic tractor.

If you think all covers are the same, remember some protect a lot less than others and some are worse than nothing at all (non breathable material)! A cover's level of protective performance depends on one key factor: fabric.

Some fabrics keep out rain, but trap condensation underneath. In fact, to deliver moisture resistance, most cover fabrics sacrifice breathability. Moisture resistance without breathability traps both condensation and heat under the cover, where it can damage the exterior finish. And most are so thin they provide little protection against impacts that cause nicks, dings and scratches. Kimberly-Clark has developed the world's leading line of protective fabrics especially for use in vehicle covers. These innovative fabrics breathe (allow moisture trapped under the cover to evaporate) and block heat and damaging UV rays from the sun.

Kimberly-Clark’s most durable fabric for indoor-outdoor protection provides the right combination of water resistance and breathability in a tractor cover fabric. Patented 4-layer fabric helps protect against scratches and dings and blocks most UV rays from damaging the paint of your tractor. The ultra-soft inner fabric layer is non-abrasive to even the most delicate clear-coat paint.

EVOLUTION 4 is the world's bestselling brand of cover fabric. It was created to provide the best combination of water resistance and breathability in a cover fabric. EVOLUTION 4 fabric is Kimberly-Clark's signature nonwoven fabric.

Key Benefits:

  • Water Resistant.  Will not allow moisture to penetrate down through the cover.

  • Breathability.  Allows moisture to escape from under the cover. 

  • Dust Protection.  Keeps dirt, grime and bird droppings away from your finish.

  • Protects against dings and scratchesMade from four layers of polypropylene fabric designed to cushion against nicks and dings.

  • Will not scratch your finishSoft inner layer protects paint.

  • UV Protection from the sun’s ultraviolet rays.

  • Will not mildew, even when stored wet.

Our premium tractor covers are precisely made to fit your classic tractor.

We are My Classic Tractor and we would love to make a cover for your classic.  You can contact us by phone (515) 450-2912 or by email (   You can also choose to fill out our Inquiry Form. 


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